Lighting can be compared to the “soul” of a house: a careful choice of designer lighting forniture can really make a difference and transform your house into a modern and welcoming home.

The same goes for lighting shops. Restelli, with 80 years of experience, guarantees passion and quality not only in the sale, but also helping you to make the right choice for your house. In our lighting shops in Saronno and Varese you will find a wide range of classic and modern lighting forniture, suitable for every area of your house, to match also your bathroom furniture, to make your house the home of your dreams.


The Restelli showrooms are the reference point for those looking for design and quality furniture solutions.
Come and discover the proposals of the major furniture brands in Milan.

Restelli Showroom Gerenzano

Via G.P.Clerici 93/A
Tel. 02/96481154 | Fax. 02/96314235

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Restelli Showroom Turate

Via Como 43
Tel.02/9688278 | Fax. 02/96314235

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